John Paul Miles was born in San Diego, California, where his father flew F-14s in the Navy for Fighter Squadron VF-21 at Naval Air Station Miramar, home to TOP GUN.  In 1988, his father retired from the Navy and began a career as an airline pilot with Federal Express. The family soon moved to Germantown, where they settled to raise their children.

His mother, Melanie, is a retired nurse and homemaker, and devotes her time volunteering at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church. John Paul’s older sister, Jennifer, lives in Germantown and teaches Latin at St. Benedict at Auburndale High School.  His younger sister, Laurel, teaches as an Undergraduate Instructor/Coordinator with the Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice at the University of Memphis, and is married to Michael O’Neil, a mechanical engineer at Thomas and Betts.  They, too, call Germantown home. (Every Fourth of July, Laurel and Mike are responsible for the fireworks at Germantown Municipal Park.)

John Paul attended Christian Brothers High School and the University of Memphis. His first job out of high school was at the old American Café off of West Street, where he worked as a bus boy. Some of John Paul’s fondest memories of Germantown are of the old, charming streets and the quiet, residential feel West Street brought to shoppers and diners at Saddle Creek.

John Paul was an active member of Greek Life at the University of Memphis, earning degrees in both History and Marketing, and was awarded for his community involvement through BlueStreak Scholarship Fund and high academic achievements from the Business School.

John Paul currently works in Germantown as a Loan Officer for Bank of England Mortgage, located off of West Street.  He has previously worked as an inside sales representative for TruckPro, as well as a financial service representative.  He is a member of the Republican Party of Shelby County and Kiwanis Germantown.  He serves his community as an active member of the Knights of Columbus at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, coaches little league soccer at Germantown Baptist Church, and middle school lacrosse for Houston Lacrosse Club.  In his free time, John Paul enjoys playing soccer recreationally in an adult coed league at Mike Rose Soccer Complex.

John Paul currently serves on both Germantown’s Public Safety Education and Historical commissions. He is a member of the Leadership Germantown Class of 2020. John Paul is running for alderman position 4, with the desire of maintaining the same quiet, safe, residential community in which he grew up.


My family moved to Germantown in 1988, and we’ve been here ever since.  One of the things I loved most about growing up here was the quiet, residential charm I found around every corner, unlike any other place I have ever been.  It was a wonderful place to raise a family, with endearing neighborhoods, restaurants, and amenities. 

I’ve been an active part of Germantown for the majority of my life, and unfortunately, I’ve seen things change over the past 8 years at an alarming pace.  I am concerned about overdevelopment, safety, and our outdated infrastructure. Furthermore, I want today’s Germantown children to have a childhood experience as great as the one I was fortunate enough to have — the ability to grow up in a quiet, safe, residential suburb, with low traffic, businesses and retail stores placed in appealing locations, and few high rise buildings.  

I also want FULL transparency in our city’s leadership.  Governing our city shouldn’t be about who you know, it should be about representing the people of Germantown.  That’s why I’m running for Alderman, and why I’m asking for your support.


Stop Uncontrolled Overdevelopment

Over the past eight years, there have been serious changes to Germantown that have greatly impacted the layout of our city, affecting the day-to-day routines of its residents. With increased traffic and a higher population density, Germantown is losing the small town, quiet charm for which it is loved.  We must make sure that the BMA is listening to the voices of its residents and serving their needs FIRST.

Public Safety

As a member of the Germantown Public Safety Education Commission, it has been my duty to make sure that the public safety issues of all Germantown residents have been met with the greatest care.  Everything from our parks, small businesses, and residential neighborhoods must be designed, maintained, and used with a concerned awareness for Public Safety in our community.  We must have leaders that are willing to protect residents, listen to their experiences in their own neighborhoods, and hear their concerns –  especially regarding unwanted criminal activity in Germantown.


During the last year, Germantown experienced a flood that greatly impacted many of its citizens, drawing much-needed attention to our outdated and inadequate drainage system.  This drainage system, along with many of our roads, are in desperate need of an overhaul.  Rather than spending money on a new sports complex or other “extras”, our city should invest in improving our infrastructure, which will create a better quality of life for everyday residents.

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